Start pouring complex ready-to-serve cocktails in record time.

It boggles the mind that for a nation who love a tipple, our most famous cocktail is probably a beer with a lil’ lemonade. But not anymore. Our unique ready to drink cocktails are tailored to the Aussie palate, drawing inspiration from the land, the climate, and even the past, to provide your thirsty patrons with a great Australian cocktail they’ll always come back for.  

Why Home Grown?

  1. Minimal staff training required - If your staff can pour a beer, they can now serve unique & complex cocktails.
  2. Fast & efficient - Slice major minutes from service times
  3. High quality, low-cost - Avg. CoGS on Home Grown Cocktails is 25%

How can I serve Home Grown at my venue?

Home Grown cocktails come in 20l kegs and 750ml crown-sealed bottles.

You can order bottles & kegs directly from our distributor ALM - or us if required.

Home Grown kegs come as 20litre key kegs, with 133 serves (150ml pour) per keg. We can offer end-to-end setup and service for line installs and customisation of your existing taps & lines. 

Wanna grab a free sample of our range? 

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